Submission Categories

  1. Competitive Papers (CP) (Eligible for Best Research Paper Presentation)
  2. Virtual Presentation (VP)
  3. Masters & DoctoralResearch Papers (MD)
  4. Poster Presentations (PR) (Eligible for Best Poster Presentation)
  5. Book Presentations (BP)/Exhibition/Publications
  6. Case Studies (CS) (Eligible for Best Case Study Presentation)
  7. Product / Service Showcase (PS)

Evaluation of proposals

Proposals will be evaluated in terms of quality of content, significance, originality, thematic relevance, and presentation.

Conference Presentation Policy

  • Individuals can submit only one abstract as first author, whether a paper or a poster.
  • The participants should submit only original and unpublished work
  • The presenter must be a registered participant
  • The presenter will present the paper as per the assigned schedule

Attendance Mode:

Interested individuals can attend this conference in any of the following modes:

  1. Presenter in person
  2. Presenter by Virtual Video Presentation
  3. Presenter in absentia
  4. Participant in person
  5. Guest / Spouse of another presenter / participant

Individual papers:

Papers are formal presentations on original research by one or more authors, lasting a total of 8 minutes (5 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for discussion). Please, note that the time limit will be strictly adhered to.


Poster presentation is for visual presentation with the use of charts, graphs and tables. The time allotted for each presenter will be 8 minutes; 5 minutes for presentation on display and a discussion of 3 minutes. Posters should be in the size of 200 cm(width)X 100cm(height) in portrait format. There will be a separate time slot dedicated to poster presentations of all tracks.